Sunday, 3 December 2017


Things are beginning to slow down a bit as I head in to the winter months. November saw me coaching down in the Lake District at this years 'English Canoe Symposium' running a SUP session, moving water poling, and a day on the river looking at 'How to keep you and your mates safe on up to grade two rivers'. Then to finish the month off the little brother visited for a views days biking.

 Saturday morning at the 'English Canoe Symposium' on the SUP's

 Lake Windemere providing the goods

 Solo SUP'er

 Selfie SUP train

 Sunny SUP train

 On the River Eamont

 Wonderful autumnal colours

 Scouting rapids from the canoe

 Sun dropping on the River Eden

 Aberfeldy and our house!

 First snow arrived in the 'Birks of Aberfeldy'

 Brother Jonathon and Moose trying to stay up right on the ice!

 Up in the hills

 The 'Steads' and Loch Glassie in the background

 Moose on the decent

 Following Moose up to Loch Hoil

 My winter warrior

Sun, Snow and trails. Happy times

Thursday, 19 October 2017

October Courses

Busy running back to back courses. 'Moderate Water Canoe Leader Training' 'White Water Safety and Rescue' 'Moderate Water Canoe Leader' Prep day and '3Star Open Canoe' Assessment. Perthshire is well and truly showing off its autumnal colours now.

 Jamie 'Self Rescueing' with a canoe paddle

 Jamie's elaborate entry!!

 Group wading to recover a casualty

 Looking at mechanical advantage rope systems for removing boats from rocks

 The 'Linn of Tummel' looking wild

 Iona during her 'Prep day' scouting the rapid

 Brief Sunshine

 Heading up the River Garry from Loch Faskally

 Show me them colours!


Sunday, 8 October 2017

Autum is coming

Lots of really good stuff being going on in the end of September and in to October. Some kayaking days on Tay, a little holdiay, some Enchanted Forest and directing a 'Open Canoe Leader Trn' course.

 Autumnal day on the Tay

 Running the SCA rapid backwards coaching at the same time!

 Round 2

 Covering the First Aid at this years Enchated Forest

 The little Lochan by Loch Faskally all lit up

 Playing at the bottom of the Linn of Tummel that enters Loch Faskally

 Andy heading for the white stuff

 Alison following suit!

 Holiday and some chillout time

 Ted on Day 1 of 'Canoe Leader Training

 Day 2 sheltering from the wind on Loch Tummel

 Lunch stop on the North side of Loch Tummel

 Impovised sailing time

 Under wind power!
 Looking at 'Lining' the canoes

 Day 3 below the railway in the River Garry Gorge by Killiecrankie

 Trees beggining to change colours
 My thinking face!

 Jamie and Ted 

 Tim heading towards his eddie

 Super sceanic little hidden gorge