Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Not away and busy

So no expeditions for the next month but this doesn't mean its quiet at work. Plenty of drop in activities and with the school holidays around the corner it looks like we are getting a busy summer.

 Gorge Walking with the 'Boys Brigade'

 Boy's on the big jump

 And an afternoon on the SUP's

 Day off with Helen out on the SUP's

 Helen's concentration face!!!

 Family time

 Helen cruising away

 Winston didn't want to leave!!

 A lovely family out kayaking with me on the River Tay

 A fathers day present from his 'big kids'

 Sun coming out on the approach to the SCA Rapid

 Fun on the big waves

 Big smiles


 Some staff training in the gorge (Ellie)

 Grant going live on Instagram whilst on the slide!!!!!

The big slide

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

River Spey DofE

This past 4 days Moose and I have had the pleasure of supporting a DofE group from Banchory on their Gold Expedition on the River Spey. With the fine weather continuing we knew the river would be low, but wow! it really was low. The group took every challenge with gusto, grace and with a smile! Sunny days on the river, long may it continue.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Another Expedition

Another canoe expedition on Loch Tay, another flat calm sunny 3 days. Brilliant group from 'High School of Dundee' touring Loch Tay with a mission to do a bit of a clear up of the litter that some inconsiderate people think its ok to leave!

 Day 1 approaching 'Acharn Point'

 Lunch time stop day 1

 Mirror finish on day 1

 The team enjoying the calm conditions

 Hammock set-up night one with Moose in 'Pose mode'!

 Canoes resting after a long days paddle

 View from my hammock on evening 1

 Ready for day 2

 Lunch stop day 2

 Rescue training on evening 2 at camp


 Cooking with a few

 Lucas reading in the sunset

 Night 2 hammock set-up

 What the group were presented with to clear up after some awful people

 5 bags

 6 more bags

Total of 13 bags of bottles, cans, bowls, tents, tent poles, bbq's and much more!! Awful

The group got stuck in and managed to bag it all up and carry it out to the finish to dispose of it correctly. Bloody well done guys!